Cambridge Computer Science Tripos

Paper 1 (PDF)

Foundations of Computer Science (Word, PDF)
Object-Oriented Programming (Word, PDF)
Numerical Methods (Word, PDF)
Algorithms (Word, PDF)

Paper 2 (PDF)

Digital Electronics (Word, PDF)
Operating Systems (Word, PDF)
Software and Security Engineering (Word, PDF)
Discrete Mathematics (PDF)

Paper 3 (PDF)

Databases (Word, PDF)
Introduction to Graphics (Word, PDF)
Interaction Design (Word, PDF)
Machine Learning and Real-World Data (Word, PDF)

Paper 4

Programming in C and C++ (Word, PDF)
Compiler Construction (TeX, PDF)
Further Java (Word, PDF)
Security (TeX, PDF)

Paper 5

Computer Design (Word, PDF)
Computer Networking (TeX, PDF)
Concurrent and Distributed Systems (Word, PDF)

Paper 6

Artificial Intelligence
Complexity Theory (PDF)
Computation Theory (TeX, PDF)
Foundations of Data Science (Word, PDF)
Logic and Proof (TeX, PDF)

Paper 7

Concepts in Programming Languages
Economics, Law and Ethics (Word, PDF)
Formal Models of Language
Further Graphics (Word, PDF)
Further HCI (TeX, PDF)
Prolog (TeX, PDF)

Paper 8 and 9

Bioinformatics (TeX, PDF)
Business Studies (TeX, PDF)
Information Theory (PDF)
Principles of Communications (PDF)
Mobile and Sensor Systems (PDF)
Computer Vision (PDF)
Quantum Computing (PDF)
Optimising Compilers (PDF)


A Level

AQA Computer Science (PDF)
Eduqas Physics (PDF)

AS Level

AQA Computer Science (PDF)


AQA Geography (PDF)
OCR History (PDF)